Tiny Letter

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There are a lot of email newsletters in the world, and I’ve been hesitant to do one myself, but every week I read Warren Ellis’ newsletter, Orbital Operations (if you don’t subscribe to this, DO SO NOW) and can’t help thinking about all the things that make me open it each time it arrives in my inbox. Ellis covers a lot of ground, he talks about what’s happening in his life, what he’s reading, what he’s listening to, and yes, what he’s working on. I love this mix, it combines the things I like about social media posts from writers I know and enjoy. It comes in on Sunday evenings and I save it to read with my coffee at work on Monday mornings.

As I begin to craft concrete goals for myself as a writer, as I start to look at my time in terms of projects I want to work on and how to accomplish them, the more I think that committing to a newsletter could be a good thing. Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of ideas and many of them get left by the wayside, but at its best this newsletter could help keep me on task, and maybe be a bit of fun for my like-minded friends and any readers out there, too.

In addition to writing about what I’m working on, reading, listening to, and watching I plan on including odd features like a 1 question interview series called Situational Reading (which I almost turned into a blog about a year ago, and “art breaks” where I provide a link to some piece(s) of art I find inspiring (this is something I’ve done on my social media accounts and in random emails to friends for years). There might also be occasional exclusive elements *cough* like a preview of an upcoming book *cough*

This will be at the most a weekly email, so you won’t grow to hate it too much.

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