More Dead & Dying

December 2nd is getting so close, which means Nothing but the Dead and Dying is almost here! After years of working on the book I couldn’t be more excited, yet it’s also a little surreal that it will finally be out in the world. Here are a couple little updates:

Blackstone Audio has shared the story “Haul Road” from the audiobook edition of the book! Listen to it HERE

I was very humbled to receive this incredible blurb from David Abrams, author of Fobbit:

Just like the State of Alaska itself, in which they’re set, the stories in Ryan Bradley’s Nothing But the Dead and Dying are beautiful, dangerous, hardcore, and strong enough to break your ice-brittled bones. Here are the losers and the strivers, the broken and the just-fixed, the down-but-not-out and the ones crawling back for forgiveness on hands and knees. These are the people of Alaska, yes, but they are also all the citizens of the world. They are you and me in our best and worst hours. Ryan W. Bradley goes full throttle down an icy road with these stories. GodDAMN, can he ever drive a story!