For over 20 years Ted Kooser’s been writing a Valentine’s poem and mailing it to women who sign up to receive it. You can read more about his amazing Valentine’s project HERE.

In 2009 I wrote a Valentine’s poem in the spirit of Kooser, and emailed it to every woman in my email address book. I love the idea, I love the spirit of it. Everybody deserves to know they are in the thoughts of another, and that’s why I’ve decided to keep doing this, and to not limit it to women. And I’m taking it beyond that. Not only will I be sending a new Valentine’s poem to every one I know personally, but if you sign up for the list (click the button below) or email me at rwbvalentine [at] gmail [dot] com I will include you in the mailing. I will keep this email address going, so people can add their name to the list throughout the year, and only use it once a year to send out the Valentine poem. I encourage you to share this with anybody and everybody. And then when your Valentine arrives in your inbox, know I was thinking of you, that I appreciate you.


Each year I make the previous year’s poem public. You can read them here:

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