“Darkly macho fiction with a heart that builds to unbearable, and maybe more.” 


In this autobiographical novel Bradley tackles coming-of-age ennui and nihilistic slackerism through the lens of youthful misbehavior and indiscretion. Excessive drinking, drug use, and sex aren’t usually the best way to redeem yourself after getting kicked out of college. But that’s exactly what the antihero of Ryan W. Bradley’s debut novel attempts to do. After returning to his hometown he gets a job pumping gas, and then a second (less legal) job on the side. He’s hellbent on living his way, like life’s a punk song, even if it means leaving a Shiva-like path of destruction in his wake.

The newly revised and re-designed 2nd edition of Code for Failure features a foreword from Hosho McCreesh, a preface by the author, an all-new chapter, and a suggested playlist.

“Imbued with the vast free-floating sadness and cosmic potential of the American Northwest, this novel charts a zigzag path for its hero from slacker nihilism to some kind of nascent maturity, leaving a trail of naked bodies and spilled gasoline all the way.”

-Paul Di Filippo, author of Roadside Bodhisattva and Fractal Paisleys